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Cultivating meaningful impact for a just and joyful world - together.

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Hello! I’m Becky Hoffman, the Owner of Bring About, and I'm delighted to welcome you here. 

Bring About is dedicated to guiding you (and your team) in creating meaningful impact in both your professional and personal spheres. As a social change leader, coach, non-profit impact strategist, and facilitator, my commitment revolves around partnering with leaders and their teams who are driven to accelerate a more just and joyful world for ALL.

My expertise lies in guiding leaders from feelings of being overwhelmed or apathetic to a place of courage and clarity. With over 20 years of leading and serving non-profits, local governments, volunteer organizations, and campaigns, I am particularly motivated and passionate about supporting initiatives that address equity gaps in education, youth development, mental health, LGBTQ+, women’s health, environmental stewardship, and supporting the community cultural / arts.

My approach is 'boutique style,' tailored to your unique needs. While I will meet you where you are, my goal is to propel you forward. Our interactions prioritize action, decision-making, and progress. No lengthy meetings or excessive paperwork – just purposeful engagement aimed at sparking essential growth shifts, optimizing your time and resources, and charting a clear path forward.

If you're seeking more 'pull' than 'push,' my approach is ideal for you. I have a well-curated toolkit of frameworks and resources to share, ensuring you don't have to navigate best practices and ideas alone. And enjoying the process is integral to my philosophy. 

If you and your team are prepared for a gentle push to tackle challenges head-on, embrace your influence, and align with your authentic selves, moreover, ‘eat the elephant,’  let’s connect. Together, we'll explore the transformative possibilities that lie ahead.

I founded Bring About LLC with the vision of instilling leadership with courage and accountability. Our sector faces challenges and lots of headwinds, and it's clear that we can't navigate them alone. While leadership might seem isolating, it doesn't have to be. Having been an Executive Director, I understand the desire to work smarter, achieve desired outcomes, and have fun in the process. A special acknowledgment to all the working moms out there – I am cheering for you.

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“My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue.
It rather denotes a lack of courage."

-Alice Hoffman, 'Practical Magic'

Cultural Appreciation & Inclusion Statement

Bring About is committed to respectively acknowledging, valuing, and celebrating lived experiences and collective cultural communities;

In a way that allows curiosity, learning, and empathy to exchange different perspectives from diverse people; 

So that the experiences are inclusive, equitable, purposeful, and meaningful for all.

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