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  • WHY work with Bring About?
    The big things are given. The little things are the difference. I believe 'one size' does not fit all. I will meet you where you are and propel you forward. 1. We will work together to clearly identify you or your teams' current state. 2. We will leverage your strengths and opportunities to build an actionable and achievable future state. 3. We will work to energize and align your time, capacity and resources for more meaningful impact. 4. We will ensure all interactions (meetings, events, or retreats) are rooted in role clarity, accountability, and realistic actions. Overall: We will work together to moving from apathy or overwhelm to meaningful outcomes.
  • WHO does Bring About work best with?
    I thrive when collaborating with determined and committed individuals who possess a deep passion and grit for their goals. Ideal partners for my approach are authentic leaders and change makers who embrace their journey, and are willing to transparently address challenges and build actionable plans for their opportunities. I resonate well with working mothers who lead or own businesses, understanding the delicate balance they manage. I work best with those who recognize the value of investing in external support - including their time to make make change happen.
  • WHAT can I/we expect in working with Bring About?
    Partnering with me means embracing a tailored approach and shared agreements that recognizes your unique journey. Here's what you can expect: Personalized: We begin by understanding your current position, whether individually or within your team. I believe 'one size' does not fit all. I will meet you where you are and I will propel you forward. Strengths as a Foundation: Your strengths and opportunities become the building blocks for crafting an actionable path forward. Resource Optimization: Together, we channel your time, capacity, and resources for impactful outcomes that resonate. Structured Interactions: Every interaction is grounded in role clarity, accountability, and realistic next steps. Tangible: You will have tangible resources and products that help you navigate and address your goals. Overall Commitment: Our collaboration is dedicated to propelling you beyond apathy or overwhelm, guiding you toward meaningful, tangible results with a dash of fun along the way.

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